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3 Tips for Getting Around London on a Budget

London is an excellent place to visit, but you will have to pay close attention to how you spend your money as it can be an expensive city for tourists.  Fortunately, the London public transportation system is very efficient and by following these tips you can save on transport costs while in London.


1. Avoid taxis unless necessary


A taxi is the most convenient way to ride public transportation because they’re everywhere, the London cabbies are extremely professional and great at their job and you can go to any place you want without having to walk a lot (compared to riding the Tube). But taxis in London are very expensive, and imagine the amount of money you’ll spend if you get caught in traffic. Unless it is absolutely necessary, avoid using taxis. Use other forms of public transportation instead.


2. Use the Tube extensively


The Tube, or the London Underground, is the most economical mode of public transportation when you’re in London. It is also very convenient because many tube stations are located near popular tourist sites, hotels and even luxury serviced apartments in London. For the most part you won’t have to walk far to reach your destination. You also won’t get lost because you only need to find out which tube station you need to reach. Of course, traveling via the London Underground will also mean not having to deal with the traffic that happens during rush hour. We have a lot of serviced apartments in London that are situated very near tube stations. This makes it very convenient especially if you plan to move around the city a lot. When it's time to go home just go back to the Tube, get off your station and you're right next to your London serviced apartment.


3. Buy a Travelcard or Oyster card


Buying a multi-use Travelcard or Oyster card will be your best purchase while in London. You can gain significant savings if you use these travel passes. Travelcards give users the privilege of traveling on buses, the Tube, rail networks, and the Docklands Light Railway an unlimited number of times for seven days. The pass also gives you discounts for riverboat routes. The riverboat route alone will save you a lot of money because you can just ride public transportation boats instead of riding on the overpriced tourist boats.


By: Derek Gallimore

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